The History of Portaloos

Humans are a smart lot. We figured out pretty early on that it’s important to deal with our waste carefully. That was a good decision for general hygiene, and it was a serious upgrade from the Middle Ages solution of emptying a chamber pot directly out the window. But, while we’ve been inventing toilets for …

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Portaloo Myth Busting

For being humble plastic boxes, portaloos sure are home to some weird and wonderful myths. Some are hangovers from older memories that people haven’t quite let go of, others are flat out wrong. In truth, modern portaloos and hire companies are usually very good about providing a clean and safe product that you absolutely don’t …

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Are Portaloos Eco-Friendly?

That line of portaloos at the local markets isn’t exactly the most picturesque sight in the world, but imagine what those markets would be like if the organisers didn’t supply them at all. Probably uncomfortable at best, and messy at the worst.Even if the glorious green boxes don’t excite you, they’re cleverer than you think, …

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Most Common Portaloo Uses

Portaloos are easy to rent, convenient to use, good for the environment, and often check off a council requirement. The portable toilet is useful and inexpensive and often a much more logistically sound option than attempting to work with existing facilities. Regardless of whether you are planning a large scale event or long term construction, …

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