Most Common Portaloo Uses

Portaloos are easy to rent, convenient to use, good for the environment, and often check off a council requirement. The portable toilet is useful and inexpensive and often a much more logistically sound option than attempting to work with existing facilities. Regardless of whether you are planning a large scale event or long term construction, portaloos tend to be the way to go! Below we have outlined some of the most common places you will see a portaloo:

Construction Sites

If you are at any construction site, amongst the raw materials and equipment, you are guaranteed to see a portaloo. Having a portaloo on your construction site tends to be advisable, not only from an ease of use perspective but also tends to be a Workplace Health & Safety requirement depending on your location. Having a toilet on-site rather than having your workers trek to the closest public restroom can also decrease off-site time and help to keep your project on track to finish on time.


The portaloo is a common sight to see at festivals and fairs. Though there may be some facilities on-site, these often are not designed to deal with the large number of people that attend festivals and fairs. So event organisers supplement existing amenities with portaloos to ensure there are enough bathrooms for the number of people that will be attending their event.

Movie Sets

It may not be your first thought when you think about movie-making but having toilets on-site is extremely important! A lot of movies are filmed in remote locations or away from general facilities and having a portaloo can make all the difference. Celebrities may have trailers but the crew also do not want to be hassled when they duck to use the loo and portaloos may be the only option on hand. This also helps to avoid the potential environmental and social impact of a movie filming on location.

Sporting Events

Sporting events like marathons or bike races often utilise portaloos due to the long distances they cover and the often remote locations they take place in. Race planners will usually strategically place portaloos along the race route as well as where crowds tend to gather to ensure that participants are racing for the gold medal, not the bathroom. Even if local businesses along the route are happy to cater to participants, there are often not enough amenities without adding in some portable toilets.


Depending on the type of wedding you are planning on having and the number of guests being invited, then temporary amenities may be required to supplement on-site facilities. If you are having a location wedding or looking to do an outdoor ceremony, then you may need to provide bathroom facilities for your guests. In these cases, if you are working with an event planner, they will normally discuss the options available but it is always advisable to check that there will be toilets available.

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